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If you enjoy this, please read the rest of my story on The link is here:…

Zeke walked up to a soccer coach who was packing up training. "Hey, can we borrow a ball? I can pay you for the rental." He said happily. "Don't worry about the money. Just please make sure you return it. I'm glad some youth see the benefit of a soccer match." The old coach smiled kindly, pulling out a ball from the bag he was packing. "Thanks." Zeke took the ball while Primrose parked herself on the foot path. "Four on three for whoever gets Kaitlin?" Ethan offered. Zeke smiled. "Wouldn't have it any other way. You get Pearl, Josh and Bianca. I get Taylor and Kaitlin." The two shook hands and told their team the positions with Primrose happily on the side lines.

"Go!" Zeke called. He kicked the ball and Ethan kicked it back and it was game on. "Kate!" Taylor got passed the ball, Kaitlin covering her. Joshua passed her and kicked the ball to the other side of the oval. "Oh no you don't!" Kaitlin gritted her teeth and changed corse. Primrose sensed someone behind her. When she looked, scared of the possibilities, she was met with a smiling complete stranger. He was in a soccer uniform, so Primrose guessed he was in the local team. "That teams amazing!" He commented. "I know right." Primrose smiled, not explaining she knew who they were. Zeke jogged over. "No way am I letting you out of this." He snickered, grabbing the handles of her wheelchair. "What are you doing?" She exclaimed. The stranger pieced it all together and was struck by how good the teenagers were. With Zeke pushing her, Taylor passed Primrose the ball and she then threw it to Kaitlin scoring a perfect goal.

Before they knew it, random people started playing. In no time at all, the eight teenagers had turned to thirty people just playing soccer for the sake of it. No one even seemed bothered by a paralyzed girl playing. In fact, when another person in a wheelchair came over, they were welcomed into the game as if they were perfectly fine. After most strangers left, they all laid down on their backs staring up in the sky. Taylor put her weight on her elbows and half sat up. "You know, when we go back nothing would of changed. Jacob is still missing, Bailey still in hospital, we don't even know where Marcus is. I'm still sick. Nothing had changed." Zeke shook his head. "I don't think so. I convinced Boss Man that he hasn't destroyed our lives, but improved it. Plus, who would have started a huge game of soccer without us?" Kaitlin suddenly stood up. "I need to go check something out. I'll see you guys later." With strangers literally staring at how pretty she actually was, Kaitlin left.

"I bet she will have a boyfriend within the week." Taylor raised her hand. "I say in the month. Five dollars that it's in the month." Pearl commented. "Twenty that it doesn't happen." Ethan smiled, just to prove to Pearl he can challenge the impossible. "Thirty if it's tomorrow." Primrose shrugged. Her boyfriend raised his eyebrow. "You don't even have thirty. Plus, why are we betting Kaitlin will get a boyfriend? I'm with Ethan. It's never going to happen." The exchanged knuckles while Josh said he'll do fifty for two days. As the sun was borderline sunset, and the bidding was done, they made their way over to a local restaurant for a snack

Thank you for checking this out. Sorry if it's not too good.


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Although I suck at actually drawing, I love writing! My sister has an account on this and she told me it was worth getting, so here I am. I'm fourteen and I love animals and anime.


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